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Building Your New Canberra Home

Canberra Builders For All Your Building Needs

At BLD Homes, we have been builders in Canberra for over twenty years, which has equipped us with the advantage of experiencing a wide range of different construction methods, making us well-equipped as Canberra builders to construct your new custom home.


We not only draw upon our own experience, or that of our architect, but also a range of subcontractors who are experts in their respective fields, with whom we have formed strong business relationships over the decades we have been building homes for our clients in Canberra. Throughout the design stage, the team can assist you in incorporating the best external and internal materials that are within your budget and to your tastes. As highly experienced Canberra builders our strong business relationships allow us to overcome any hurdles that may emerge throughout the building process.

Canberra builders with twenty-five years of experience

As experienced Canberra Builders, we know the process to build your custom home requires flexibility and teamwork between a builder and their client. At BLD Homes, we understand that a strong relationship along with open and effective communication are crucial to having a solid business relationship and, in turn, assist us in building your Canberra home. Throughout the whole building process, we want our clients to feel comfortable in approaching us with any thoughts and questions they may have throughout the building process.


One feature of the BLD homes process is only having to deal with one company the whole way through the building process, not jumping between an architect to your Canberra builder and a range of other tradesmen you require for every stage of building your custom Canberra home. This means not having to communicate with different businesses and tradesmen for each stage of the build, but with a single company from start to finish.

Visit our Canberra Display home

If you are eager to see how our Canberra builders can bring your new custom home to fruition, why not visit our latest display home, The Mariposa? Visiting our display home will give you a taste of what BLD Homes builders can create for your dream custom home. Our display home is available to visit every Saturday and Sunday between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. One feature that captures your attention as soon as you catch sight of The Mariposa is the design of the exquisite butterfly roof. This home highlights our architect's expertise and creativity and our Canberra builders' versatility and skill. Our display home has two outdoor areas; one features an alfresco dining space with BBQ and kitchen amenities. The Mariposa also boasts a generous open-plan core to the home's design, with two living rooms, one of which features a sliding door for privacy. Our display home highlights our commitment and dedication as Canberra builders to build gorgeous, spacious, contemporary homes. So why not drop by on the weekend between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm and see how our Canberra builders can make your dreams of a new contemporary home a reality.

Contact the Canberra builders at BLD Homes today to learn how we can build your dream Canberra home. Or, if you are after inspiration, why not look at some of our home designs or current projects.

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