Knockdown / Demolition Costs


Educating you on the expenses 

From our vast experience in demolishing homes in the Canberra region, the average cost you need to allow for the demolition of your existing home is around $20,000 average cost.

Benefits of Knockdown/Demolition

1. Save time and money not having to try and find another block of land

2. No need to pay stamp duty, land tax

3. No need for real estate agents fees, advertising fees, etc.

4. Having that feeling of living in an established area

5. Higher re-sale value in an established area

Important things to consider when comparing our quote with other builders

When receiving a quote from a builder on a knockdown/demolition, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Inspection and removal of asbestos from your existing home (prior to demolition)

2. Disconnection of existing gas lines, water lines and power lines.

3. Notice to surrounding neighbors being directly affected by the demolition of the home.

4. Approvals and certification by relevant authorities

When you work with BLD Homes, you can be assured that we have the expertise to make sure that the knockdown/demolition of your existing home has been achieved in the correct manner, to make it a simple and smooth process for you and for all your future neighbors.

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