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Knockdown And Rebuild With BLD Homes


If you reside in an established suburb in Canberra and have been contemplating whether you should knock down your existing home and build your dream home on the same site, BLD Homes can assist you through the whole process. We have over two decades of experience with knockdowns and building homes in Canberra for our clients.


We are experts in the knockdown and rebuild process, and we guide you through the whole process, making it as simple as possible while keeping you informed throughout. At BLD Homes, we pride ourselves on our transparency and talking through our clients every step of the knockdown and rebuild process, from the initial consults to your custom homes' completion.


At BLD Homes, we have an in-house architect who can design your home based on your needs, taking into account all of the unique aspects of your land, such as slope, orientation, building envelope and retaining existing trees, and council requirements. Suppose, after weighing it up, you would rather sell your existing house and would like to build elsewhere. We are also highly experienced at finding sites for our clients and work closely with real estate agents who know the Canberra market thoroughly, alongside our extensive experience building, our in-house architect, we can work with you to make that process straightforward. 


Finding inspiration for your new home

Are you contemplating knocking down your existing home and rebuilding it but have yet to decide what your custom home will look like? Why not look at our Home Designs and Gallery or get in touch and come and see our work for yourself at our latest display home. 


Contact the team today to learn more about our knockdown and rebuild services and how we can help you realise your dreams for your next home.

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