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Designing and building your dream home is our specialty. We want to make this process as enjoyable and exciting as possible for our clients and our process has been refined over the past 25 years for people in the Canberra region.

From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, we're here to deliver the home of your dreams. Trust us to make it happen.
  • Meet & Design
    1. Initial Consultation With our experience and expertise in building custom homes, we know that this is one of the most important and critical steps in designing and building a home. We will introduce you to our team and most importantly get to know more about what you want and need in your new home. Our clients are our priority, so this initial consultation helps us to decide what is the best way that we can achieve that outcome for you. 2. Design Your New Home Our in-house designer will meet with you to get an understanding of the home you would like to build. As a member of our team, our designer is easily able to collaborate with our building team to create a design that works for you and your family, but is also functional and practical when it comes to the construction of your new home. We will use your brief to create a concept design that meets your requirements while staying within your budget, allowing us to provide you with an estimate.
  • Sign & Select
    1. Sign Our team will prepare an MBA building contract with your inclusions list and working drawings, once this has been signed by you and us, we can move forward to the selection of your colours, materials, etc. 2. Select This is where the fun begins! You will meet up with our interior designer to go through all your colour selections, internal and external material selections, tapware, handles, tiles, joinery finishes such as benchtops, cupboard door colours etc. We will try to have most items that can be selected by you at this stage finalised so we can have a smoother building process with less delays, however, we know that some of these items may change during the building phase and we understand that, so you still have the flexibility to approach us during the build to request changes to your selections, and we will work with you to make these changes.
  • Maintain & Enjoy
    1.Maintain We encourage our clients to give us a list of the items that we need to attend to at the 90 day maintenance period. Once we receive this list from our clients, we will coordinate with our subcontractors to have these items rectified for you and allow you to move forward with enjoying your new BLD home. 2. Enjoy your new home After working together for more than likely over a year now, we hope you and your family can enjoy your new home and we always like to maintain good relationships with our clients.
  • Build & Handover
    1.Build your new home This is where we take all the planning and design works and bring it all to fruition. Our expert building manager and team of hand picked sub-contractors and suppliers, work together to create your dream home. We like to collaborate with all of our clients during the build, and we are happy to schedule regular on-site meetings to discuss all the important milestones on your new home, whilst also giving you the opportunity to feel involved in the construction of your new home and allowing you to see the different stages of the build. 2. Handover When handing over your new home, we have our own process of ensuring that your build is meeting our quality standards, towards the very end of your project, our project managers go through and inspect your home for minor defects, and any works that we need to have done before you move into your new home. Our aim is to ensure that you are only calling us back for a very small list of items that we need to come back for at the 90 day maintenance period.
  • Quote & Adjust
    1. Provide Estimate Now it's time for us to provide you with a estimate quote for your new home. We give an accurate figure where you can be confident that the quote incorporates all the details and inclusions we have discussed so there are no surprises. We may need to meet during this phase to ask questions about the design and the inclusions that you want in your new home, and this collaborative approach between you and us is what we find helps to ensure that you get exactly what you want in your new home. 2. Client Review We understand that during this quoting phase, you need time to think about the important design elements and inclusions that you would like to have in your new home. We also understand that you may change your mind on some things whilst going through this process, therefore this review stage is all about giving you the opportunity to adjust and tweak your design and inclusions. If there are any changes or adjustments that need to be made to the design or inclusions, we are happy to work with you through these items so we can have these finalised prior to the construction of your new home. 3. Client Approval Once we have approval from you that you are happy to proceed with the design and the inclusions list that we have provided to you, we will work towards finalising the plans and getting prepared to start the selection process with you for your colours, materials, etc.
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